Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Firefighters Ordered Into Gay Parade Are Back in Court

By Bob Unruh at WND

Note: Editor warns that some content in the article is graphic.

Four San Diego firefighters who claim they suffered sexual harassment when they were ordered by the city to participate in an obscenity-laden "gay" pride parade in 2007 are going to trial for a second time, and their attorney says this time he'll seek to introduce photographic evidence of the illegal public sex at the event.

Firefighters forced into gay parade(This is what homosexuals would have us be tolerant of?)

The firefighters are John Ghiotto, Chad Allison, Jason Hewitt and Alexander Kane and they filed a complaint after being ordered to participate in the July 21, 2007, parade promoting homosexuality and explicit sex.

WND reported earlier when attorney Charles LiMandri, who also serves as the West Coast director for the Thomas More Law Center, launched the legal action against the city of San Diego.

"These men were sexually harassed in clear violation of San Diego's sexual harassment code," LiMandri said. "Further, the California Constitution's freedom of speech provision prohibits compelled speech. What the firefighters were ordered to do was endorse what goes on at this parade through their participation in it."

Ghiotto, a captain at the time, said he suggested to supervisors that volunteers be used for the parade, but instead officials ordered him to take a crew.

"While moving down the parade route we were subjected to verbal abuse, (show me your hose, you can put out my fire, give me mouth to mouth, flick you fireman) sexual gestures, (showing their penis, blowing kisses, grabbing their crotch, rubbing their nipples, tongue gestures, flipping us off)," Ghiotto reported in a statement.

San Diego's fire chief, Tracy Jarman, is an open lesbian who called the parade a "fun event" in which "all employees are encouraged to participate."

"We were subject to this type of abuse and more throughout the parade route. You could not even look at the crowd without getting some type of sexual gesture. Even the Christian protesters were giving us grief for being a part of this. The experience left me feeling humiliated, embarrassed and offended," Ghiotto said.

"If any of my crew or I were to hang up pictures at the station of what we saw, we would be disciplined!" he said.

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  1. Oh ugh. The picture alone is worth a thousand words. If only people would open their eyes to what is really being asked of them (or demanded in some cases). After seeing this, I gritted my teeth and decided to do a Google search for San Diego Pride Festival images and boy did I get an eye-full of lewd, nude, scandalous, over-the-top pageantry. I was floored that this "festival" (in truth, an excuse to flaunt disgusting acts, rhetoric, and costume), is even allowed its annual occurrence in a public place where little children might be innocently subjected to its filth. Then, to my complete horror, I happened upon an article about a primary school in San Diego that actually allowed its children to walk in the parade! Unbelievable. It is absolutely deceiving that Tracy Jarman calls it simply a "fun event" in which her employees are "encouraged" to participate. Instead it is a parade of evil in which her employees were ordered to participate. I will pray hard that those firefighters win their case and that the jurors see through the lies presented in neatly packaged boxes with bows on top. Again, ugh.

  2. Were they required to go to the event?

  3. Yeah, they were ordered to attend. They had no choice but to go, and as a result, they suffered all this abuse that their captain, Tracy Jarman, being a lesbian herself, most certainly knew they would suffer. It's a blatant abuse of power on her part.

  4. One of the firefighters, a Captain at the time, requested that volunteers be used for the event rather than forcing people to go, but his request was denied and they were ordered to suit up in their uniforms and walk in the parade against their conscience. I like what one of them said, that if they had put pictures up in the office of the things they saw, they would most certainly have been disciplined. And yet, those same people who would execute that discipline, are the very people who required the attendance!

  5. It certainly is an abuse of power by the fire chief. Perhaps the fire department should now force its employees take part in the "march for life" campaign which is happening in the US soon.

  6. I wonder if Pearl is also "floored" that Mardi Gras (featuring debauchery similar to this San Diego parade but usually of an almost exclusively heterosexual nature) "is even allowed its annual occurrence in a public place where little children might be innocently subjected to its filth."

  7. Are you discussing the mardi gras parade in new orleans?

    Any kind of licentious behavior, either homosexual or heterosexual, is offensive.

    No firefighters should be forced to participate in a parade which goes against their personal beliefs.

    I don't know about pearl, but firefighters being forced to walk in the mardi gras parade would be equally appalling to me (especially if they experienced sexual harassment).

  8. That's a good point there pomegranate. There are things you just don't do in public.

  9. "I wonder if Pearl is also "floored" that Mardi Gras...."

    Yes, as a matter of fact, Mardi Gras does disgust me. Is there ever a good reason to subject innocent children to filth? And Pomegranate Apple really does make an excellent point:

    "...firefighters being forced to walk in the mardi gras parade would be equally appalling to me (especially if they experienced sexual harassment)."

  10. I agree, gay mardi gras, from what I have seen are disgusting.

    The people of Mandurah are up in arms because the city council wants have have one.

  11. "gay mardi gras"

    Or really any Mardi Gras, for that matter. The carnival, a three-day prelude to lent, has evolved into an excuse to liquor up and lose all inhibitions (not that our society has many of those left to begin with). It is a celebration increasingly marked by its nudity, revelry, and alcohol consumption. Yes, I strongly object to subjecting children to that.

  12. "Or really any Mardi Gras, for that matter...."

    By "any," I mean heterosexual or homosexual. But my experience is based on the carnival in New Orleans. Perhaps elsewhere in the world, inhibitions are still very properly intact.

  13. well, i've always enjoyed mardi gras, since i was a child, as i am just about the biggest prude you could ever meet.


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