Friday, May 29, 2009

Attorneys File Injunction to Stop Prop. 8

Unhappy with Democracy, Bush v. Gore Rivals Join to Ask Fed Court to Overturn Proposition

by Peter J. Smith,

Dissatisfied with the recent ruling from the California Supreme Court on Proposition 8, the former rivals in the Bush v. Gore decision have joined together this time to urge a federal appeals court to nullify the Californian citizens' vote to ban same-sex "marriage."


The lawsuit is a first for Olson and Boies's newly created group, American Foundation for Equal Rights. Any appeal of the case will likely go to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, a federal court known for its judicial activism. A further appeal will likely go to the US Supreme Court, which will either end up upholding Proposition 8, or possibly legalizing same-sex "marriage" throughout the United States and rejecting the expressed will of the people of California as indicated by the passed referendum question on the issue.

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