Sunday, January 11, 2009

Prop 8: I’m Spartacus! No, I’m Scott Eckern!

After posting about this grand, Big Hollywood, conservative website reveal, we have spent some time browsing the archives there.  Very impressive, by the way.  Before too long, we came across this Prop 8 beauty.  Replete with full text Facebook letters from the instigator, and savvy commentary from the author (aka Spartacus/Scott Eckern), we recommend settling in for this eye-opening read which exposes the circumstances of Scott Eckern’s distressing demise.

I'm Spartacus! I'm Scott Eckern!

To set the tone, we here at Kingfisher would like to give our readers a small taste of the gay “rights” supporter’s “tolerance” and “reason” at work in this case. 

Susan Egan, instigator:

Letter #1, pre-resignation

“I personally do not wish for him to resign, but rather to
write a public apology for offending so many in this theatre world we
all share. I’d also love to see him donate another $1000 towards an
organization of his choosing that would attest to his commitment to
the gay and lesbian communities, which have contributed so much over
the years to CMT and SMC, and to him personally. To me – this is what
we should be asking for first.”

Letter #2, post-resignation

“…changing Scott’s mind about the proposition was never my goal. Informing the theatre community of how he uses his earned income was my goal.”

Read on.  If you think that’s bad, it’s not.  It’s much, much worse.

Prop 8: I’m Spartacus!  No, I’m Scott Eckern!

by Stage Right

That’s what I felt like yelling during last November’s horrifying public shaming of a theatre executive in California.  Scott Eckern, the Artistic Director of Sacramento Music Theatre, was forced to resign after the public revelation that he donated $1,000 to the Prop. 8 campaign.  I felt like calling all of my friends in the theatre industry and saying “I’M SCOTT ECKERN!”  I felt like responding to all of the e-mails I received from my colleagues urging me to join the drive to remove him from his post by saying:  “I’M SCOTT ECKERN!”  “If you take him, you should take me! ” Like all those slaves standing in solidarity with Spartacus.  I was also an executive in the industry with similar views.  There but for the grace of God….

But I didn’t stand up and shout.  I didn’t because I am a coward.  I didn’t because I have children and a mortgage and I might need the next job that comes along so I keep my mouth shut.

But make no mistake, there are many of us working in the theatre industry and the spectacle that was Scott Eckern’s ouster was terrifying and enraging to us.  Many readers of Big Hollywood suggest that as long as we are effective in our jobs and we “put butts in seats” then we should have the courage to speak out and fight for our beliefs even if we are a minority in a hostile environment….  I hope this morality tale speaks to you…

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