Monday, December 8, 2008

And Then, Reality Left the Building

Posted by John Schroeder at the Article VI Blog.

The people behind that now infamous “Mormon Home Invasion” ad against Prop 8 spoke up in the form of an op-ed in the on-line edition of the LATimes this morning. The piece is full of distortions and perceptions born, as best as I can tell, of some sort of paranoia. I will leave it to Lowell to deal with this factually - as an active participant in the Yes on 8 campaign, he has a far better command of those facts than I do. However, there is one comment to which I must address myself:
Unfortunately, this failure to take public responsibility for leading the fight against same-sex marriage, as well as the masking of its efforts behind the shroud of an interfaith coalition, is nothing new for the LDS Church.
This is simply offensive. Think about the implications of that statement. It implies deep conspiracy, something virtually impossible to pull off. It implies that those of us other than Mormons were less than genuine. It implies that those of us other than Mormons were duped.

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Twisted Scripture - Newsweek Preaches to Christians

A Beetle Blogger response to Newsweek's cover story: Our Mutual Joy.


Newsweek Sermon of the Week

In a “if you can’t beat’m join’m” approach, the would-be preachers over at Newsweek have taken the Sunday Sermon to the people in their new issue.

In a thinly veiled propaganda piece, Newsweek, the latest in a long line of same sex allies in the old media, tries to score points against marriage advocates by advocating the Bible…. sort of. Ignoring mountains of facts decrying the myth of healthy gay marriage, they attempt to reinforce the idea that the only thing standing in the way of true love and equality is religion.

This new attack on religious people is a cheap appeal to the sense of goodness and fairness that Christians have for the world, and especially for those who hold different views. Newsweek, take note: the bible teaches tolerance, not acceptance.

Imagine the outrage if the media were to start parsing the Torah or Koran to change votes! No, it would never happen, that’s acceptable diversity. It’s only politically acceptable to rage from the bully pulpit at those hateful, bigoted, lousy Christians right?

Twisting scripture to fit a political agenda is nothing new, but I have to say, this is a new low for Newsweek and the mainstream media.

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