Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Hampshire Senate Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill

by Kathleen Gilbert,

New Hampshire's senate this afternoon voted 13-11 to extend the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples, reports the Associated Press. The bill would make New Hampshire the fifth state to legalized same-sex "marriage," and the third to do so this month.

A last-minute amendment ensuring the right of religious clergy to decline performing same-sex "marriage" ceremonies, and allowing heterosexual couples to choose the words "bride" and "groom" on their marriage certificate rather than simply "spouse," helped gather critical support for the bill.

In late March the House passed a similar bill, which must now be rectified with the Senate version.

Gov. John Lynch has spoken in favor of true marriage in the past, but it is unclear whether he plans to veto the measure.

Read the full article here.

Update: Contact New Hampshire Governor John Lynch and ask him to veto the bill! (Thanks for the tip, Beetle Blogger!)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Need a Morning-After Pill? Just Send a Text!

Oxfordshire County in the UK is now making it easier for girls as young as 11 who "think they have taken a risk" to text for a morning-after abortion pill.

"From July, girls at six Oxfordshire secondary schools will be able to text requests for morning-after pill to a school nurse who can supply the pill during breaktime.

"The service will also operate on weekends and holidays, with the nurse arranging to meet the pupil or directing her to another local source."


And it gets even better.

"Parents will not automatically be informed of their daughters’ requests, but child protection staff will be alerted if a girl aged under 13 uses the service."

And then there's the City Councillor's response to parental objections:

“We’d be foolish to think there was something we could do to stop young people having sex.”


Read the full article here.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Government May Stop Funding Abstinence Education

Even though "the federal government already doles out $4 for contraceptive-based sex education for every $1 it spends on abstinence education," some members of Congress feel that even that is too much to spend on teaching youth that abstinence is the best way.

They want all the money to go toward contraceptive-based education.

Read the article here. Make sure to contact your Representative to let them know that abstinence education is important.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Connecticut turns "Civil Unions" into "Marriages"

by Hilary White,

The state of Connecticut's General Assembly voted late Wednesday night to change the definition of marriage to be the legal union of two people, instead of a man and a woman. The Assembly vote enshrines in law a 2008 decision by the state Supreme Court that legalized same-sex "marriage."

The bill passed 28-7 in the Senate and 100-44 in the House of Representatives.

Governor Rell had stated in early 2007 that she would veto any same-sex "marriage" legislation that came across her desk, saying the existing civil unions law "covered the concerns that have been raised."

However, after the bill passed a spokesman for the governor said she would sign the bill, which she did earlier today.

The bill will change all previously contracted civil unions into "marriages" as of Oct. 1, 2010, unless they have previously been annulled or dissolved.

Read the full article here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Morning After Pill Approved for 17-year-olds

The Food and Drug Administration, reversing field, will allow 17-year-olds to get the "morning-after" birth control pill without a doctor's prescription, a government health official said Wednesday.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the agency will comply with a federal judge's order overturning a Bush administration policy that restricted access. The official was not authorized to speak publicly before the FDA announcement, expected later Wednesday.

Last month, U.S. District Judge Edward Korman ruled in a New York lawsuit that Bush administration appointees let politics, not science, drive their decision to allow over-the-counter access to the pills only for women 18 and older. Korman ordered the agency to let 17-year-olds get the medication, and separately to evaluate whether all age restrictions should be lifted.

Read the entire article here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hate Crimes Legislation Threatens Religious Free Speech

By Kathleen Gilbert,

As the House Judiciary Committee prepares to examine tomorrow the homosexual "hate crimes" bill H.R. 1913, Concerned Women for America (CWA) is urging Congressmen to reject the bill as unconstitutional and a proven threat to Christian free speech.

The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Act of 2009, a reincarnation of the 2007 "Matthew Shepard Act," would put homosexuality on a par with race or religion as subject to federal protection from hate-motivated crimes. The bill would also give federal officials more involvement in prosecuting crimes when the victim's homosexuality is suspected as a motivation.

CWA President Wendy Wright recently issued a letter to Congressmen urging opposition to the legislation, saying the "anti-hate" legislation would threaten Christian free speech in America, as it already has in other countries.

"Expanding 'hate crimes' to include 'sexual orientation' and gender identity could put people with traditional values directly in the crosshairs of official government policy," said Wright. "'Hate crimes' laws place us on a slippery slope toward religious persecution.

Read the rest of the article here.

Sign a petition against the bill here.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Homosexual Activists Use Courts to Push Agenda

Kathleen Gilbert,

Despite the fact that polls consistently show that most Americans remain opposed to same-sex "marriage," and that amendments protecting true marriage have passed in 30 states in the union, several states, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa and California (before the court decision was overturned by popular vote) have legalized the novel institution through activist court rulings.

Now a prominent homosexualist lawyer has admitted that same-sex "marriage" supporters gain court victories against state marriage laws, not as a result of the chance success of isolated complaints by homosexual couples, but through the systematized effort of homosexualist lawyers and lobby groups who research and target sympathetic state supreme courts and groom prosecuting homosexual couples.

Camilla Taylor, a Chicago-based lawyer for the homosexual rights group Lambda Legal, confirmed in a Washington Post article today that the Iowa Supreme Court's recent decision to redefine marriage to include homosexual couples was the expected result of a seven-year-effort by homosexualists to win over the Midwestern state.

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled unanimously to redefine marriage two weeks ago.

"We were all deeply disappointed by the vote in California, but we were all hopeful for Iowa," Taylor told the Washington Post.

The Post report details Taylor's steady effort to overturn Iowa law through the courts, including regular travel to Iowa from Chicago for years to conduct research and prepare for the case.

When engaging the "legislative route," says the article, homosexualist activists' tactic includes selecting and grooming same-sex couples to present the "test cases" successfully and to deal well with the media attention. (To see the full Washington Post article:

Andrew Koppelman, a law professor at Northwestern, similarly told the New York Times Saturday that, "The Iowa decision is the product of a very smart legal team researching every state supreme court and every state legislature."

Read the rest of the article here.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Could New York be next?

Connecticut, Massachusetts, and just recently, Vermont and Iowa have caved and legalized homosexual "marriage."

Next to fall: New York?

Please contact your state Senators and Assembly members and urge them to stand up for marriage!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't Be Silent

Pete Chagnon,

A pro-family advocate is urging people to voice their concern over a resolution sitting before Congress.

Congressional Resolution 92 will receive an up-or-down vote on or before April 17, which is the National Day of Silence -- a day when students across America are encouraged to show their support for the homosexual community by refusing to speak.

The resolution seeks to affirm congressional support for the event and encourage local education authorities to adopt policies that prevent bullying based on sexual orientation.

Read the full story here.

Laura Higgins, Illinois Family Institute:

"Promoters of the Day of Silence are successfully seducing the public into believing that this day of public school political protest is centrally about bullying. It's not. It's centrally about using public resources to transform the views of children and teens on the morality of volitional homosexual and cross-dressing behavior. When promoters of the Day of Silence assert that its purpose is to end bullying, they conveniently avoid saying that the means they use to end bullying are to affirm volitional homosexual acts as normal and good.

Read the rest of her article, and what you can do, here.

Update: Check out a new website called True Tolerance that helps parents stay informed and know how to deal with gay agendas being promoted in their child's school.

Especially informative was this link that has examples of actual training materials used as propaganda in the classroom.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

Planned Parenthood 2007-8 Report: Abortions Break 300,000 in Year, Highest-Ever Taxpayer Funding

by Kathleen Gilbert,

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) has released its official 2007-2008 report, which shows that 305,310 unborn children were killed in chemical, medical, and surgical abortions by PPFA in the space of a year, up from 289,750 in 2006. The report also reveals that the total taxpayer money received by PPFA affiliates increased to $350 million.

(To view the report, go to:

The report boasts that the number of adoption referrals provided by Planned Parenthood increased by over 100% from 2,410 referrals in 2006 to 4,912 referrals in 2007. This announcement comes after PPFA refrained from reporting this statistic in their past two Annual Reports.

It was widely speculated that PPFA dropped the adoption referral statistic in their past two annual reports because the number had steadily declined in prior years and the disparity between adoption referrals and abortions demonstrated how Planned Parenthood affiliates address crisis pregnancies.

However, with this increase in adoption referrals included, the total number of children referred for adoption still amounts to only 1.6% the total number of unborn children Planned Parenthood killed in the 07-08 cycle, or one third of this year's increase in abortions. Planned Parenthood cites the number of babies offered prenatal care at 10,914, 3.5% of the number destroyed in the womb.

Despite a growing collection of data from sting operations showing Planned Parenthood employees evading the law, the total government grants and contracts received by PPFA affiliates increased from $337 million in the 2006-07 cycle to $350 million. The number reflects grants from all government sources including state, local and federal sources.

Planned Parenthood's net revenue from all sources topped $1.038 billion, with net assets at $1.014 billion.

Read the full article here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Embryonic Stem Cells May Not Be the Answer

Interesting video. If what he says is true, that embryonic stem cells are unstable and for the time being, cannot cure diseases, why are proponents so adamant that this must be done?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vermont Legislature Overrides Gay Marriage Veto

From AP: Vermont legalizes gay marriage with veto override

From Beetle Blogger: Vermont Legislature Overrides Veto, Votes in "Same-Sex Marriage"

It passed with the minimum number of votes needed. One legislator made the difference.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Iowa Supreme Court Rules Gay Marriage Ban is Unconstitutional


The Iowa Supreme Court says the state's same-sex "marriage" ban violates the constitutional rights of homosexual couples, making it the third state where same-sex marriage is legal.

In a unanimous ruling issued Friday, the court upheld a 2007 Polk County District Court judge's ruling that the law was unconstitutional.

The case stems from a 2005 lawsuit filed by Lambda Legal, a New York-based homosexula rights organization. The group filed a lawsuit on behalf of six homosexual Iowa couples who were denied marriage licenses. The suit named then-Polk County recorder and registrar Timothy Brien.

Read the article here. More here.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Homosexual Agenda in Public Schools

These clips are from a film called "It's Elementary" that though produced over a decade ago, is still shown in public schools, on public television, and used to teach activists how to convince children that there is no problem with homosexuality.