Monday, July 13, 2009

Updates From the Front Lines

From UFI:

"There are new disturbing developments within New England and Washington, D.C. and a new battleground has opened up in the state of New York. The current administration has made bold moves in direct defiance of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), and a new development has begun in contravention of California’s recent state Supreme Court victory."

Read the details here.


  1. Any news from UFI is, by definition, disturbing.

    They don't exist to actually ameliorate anything ...

    But, hey, as long as you're disturbed, mission accomplished!

  2. CB! Are you still blathering?

    The current administration, I think, has enough precedent now to show that it will not support (let alone defend) any laws that it doesn't like. Bush was just a teaser into the abuse of power.

  3. Why, yes, I am. Bothered by the blather, Euripides?

  4. CB: Heck no. Just hadn't seen you and it for awile. Thought you might have abandoned the DNA as a lost cause.

  5. In the words of my niece's favorite LDS author, Stephenie Meyer, "There's something irresistible about a lost cause."


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