Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obamacare and Abortion

from New York Times:

An Obama administration official refused Sunday to rule out the possibility that federal tax money might be used to pay for abortions under proposed health care legislation. Peter R. Orszag, the White House budget director, asked whether he was prepared to say that “no taxpayer money will go to pay for abortions,” answered: “I am not prepared to say explicitly that right now. It’s obviously a controversial issue, and it’s one of the questions that is playing out in this debate.”

Read the full article here.


  1. Of course Obamacare will fund abortions. The amendment will be stuck in the back of the 5000 page bill at 3 am before the day of the vote, but it will be there.

    Who's he trying to fool?

  2. Exactly, Euripides. The craziest part is that afterward, those who voted it will be able to claim, truthfully, that they didn't read that part and had no idea that it was included!


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