Thursday, May 21, 2009

Illinois set to legalize civil unions

From Culture Campaign:

"The Illinois House and Senate are reportedly poised to hide a homosexual civil unions measure in a "shell bill" and pass it within hours to thwart a citizen uprising.

Illinois residents, click here to E-mail your legislator to vote NO on any bill with civil unions included."

Read the full story here.


  1. Interesting link (to the Culture Campaign). That org's president, Sandy Rios, had this to say about Mitt Romney: "Mitt Romney is a duplicitous man, and his most damning duplicity has brought about a sea change in marriage and family that our country may never recover from.",_but_i_do

  2. I suspect that the Illinois legislature has been pressured to create a "crisis" in order to bypass the people's will just in time for the end of the legislative session. This smacks of the work of the omnipresent Tim Gill trying to force the issue through with millions more of his foundation's money.


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