Friday, April 10, 2009

Planned Parenthood 2007-8 Report: Abortions Break 300,000 in Year, Highest-Ever Taxpayer Funding

by Kathleen Gilbert,

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) has released its official 2007-2008 report, which shows that 305,310 unborn children were killed in chemical, medical, and surgical abortions by PPFA in the space of a year, up from 289,750 in 2006. The report also reveals that the total taxpayer money received by PPFA affiliates increased to $350 million.

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The report boasts that the number of adoption referrals provided by Planned Parenthood increased by over 100% from 2,410 referrals in 2006 to 4,912 referrals in 2007. This announcement comes after PPFA refrained from reporting this statistic in their past two Annual Reports.

It was widely speculated that PPFA dropped the adoption referral statistic in their past two annual reports because the number had steadily declined in prior years and the disparity between adoption referrals and abortions demonstrated how Planned Parenthood affiliates address crisis pregnancies.

However, with this increase in adoption referrals included, the total number of children referred for adoption still amounts to only 1.6% the total number of unborn children Planned Parenthood killed in the 07-08 cycle, or one third of this year's increase in abortions. Planned Parenthood cites the number of babies offered prenatal care at 10,914, 3.5% of the number destroyed in the womb.

Despite a growing collection of data from sting operations showing Planned Parenthood employees evading the law, the total government grants and contracts received by PPFA affiliates increased from $337 million in the 2006-07 cycle to $350 million. The number reflects grants from all government sources including state, local and federal sources.

Planned Parenthood's net revenue from all sources topped $1.038 billion, with net assets at $1.014 billion.

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  1. Is this why the US is having money problems. Killing its youth and wasting money on unnecessary medical procedures.


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