Monday, February 2, 2009

More than Two children is "Irresponsible"

More than Two Children “Irresponsible” Says Top Advisor to British Government

By Hilary White,

While demographers continue to warn of an onrushing, and virtually irreversible, demographic collapse in Europe because of the aging of the European population, a top British government advisor has called for more abortion and contraception to “save the environment.” The chairman of Britain's Sustainable Development Commission said this weekend that couples who have more than two children are “irresponsible.”

A report by the commission, to be published next month, will say that governments must reduce population growth through better “family planning,” (which means abortion and contraception) even if it means reducing funding for curing illness. Porritt said that a focus of his work will be to urge environmentalist groups to make population control a part of their lobbying efforts.

The Times also quoted the Optimum Population Trust, a pro-abortion radical environmentalist organisation of which Porritt is a patron, who says that each baby born in Britain will, during his or her lifetime, burn carbon roughly equivalent to 2½ acres of old-growth oak woodland.

The equation made by the population control movement, whose major tools are abortion, sterilisation and contraception, between environmentalist doctrine and the reduction of human population is long established. In June this year, the Optimum Population Trust said that a “voluntary population policy” should be imposed in British law. In 2007, the Trust, reacting to news of a slight increase in the British birth rate, said that the government must institute a two-child policy, similar to that of the People’s Republic of China.

Reaction to Porritt’s comments in the British press has not been positive. Bruno Waterfield, Brussels correspondent for the Daily Telegraph, wrote that Porritt’s equation of environmental sustainability with human self-extinction is commonplace on the left.

Calling it “the anti-human essence and prejudice behind environmentalism,” Waterfield wrote, “Environmentalists see birth as pollution. For most of us a new child means new life. For the greens it means yet more dirty destruction.”

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  1. Wow I am having a hard time thinking of my lovely, big, brown eyed 2 year old son and my sweet bubbly long lashed baby girl as pollution... what a sad childhood these people must have had to think this way.:(

  2. OK, how about liberals go ahead and abort or have their one, trophy child, and we can be rid of the plaque of liberalism in another generation. The problem is we have to put up with their blather at the moment.

  3. ...................yep.


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