Friday, February 20, 2009

Speechless: Silencing the Christians

Several stations have refused to air an hour-long special TV program by the American Family Association called Speechless: Silencing the Christians that reveals the homosexual agenda, including the promotion of that agenda by the media, the indoctrination of school children, and homosexual marriage.

Take the time to view it and share it with your friends and family, and tell me what you think.

The program mentions a homosexual activist agenda book called After the Ball that Pearl Diver blogged about here, here and here.

The information at the end about the new administration's agenda for the LGBT community can be found at the official White House website.

The survey mentioned can be filled out here.


  1. Fantastic blog!

    Here's a brief view shared from my blog at

    Role model Pro-family born again worship banning unmarried couples practicing pro-fornication worship as bad examples. Beyth-'el (House of God) is "Safe for the whole family."

    We will be glad to have our blog viewers retain insight from your blog by adding your link to our blog and exchange links.

  2. Interesting flick. And hey, as long as we're talking movies, did anyone catch Dustin Lance Black at the Oscars? Oh my gosh, what a great acceptance speech:


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