Sunday, January 18, 2009

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Facilitating Dreams of Stormy Portent

by Beetle Babee

Martin Luther King had a dream…..but not all dreams aim as high as his did.  Some aim a little closer to home:

“I had a dream. In in I saw HATEFUL actions, but of course I would NEVER advocate any of them.

In my dream the LDS Temple, as well as Catholic and Christian Right churches were vandalized daily since gays decided they all have WAY TOO MUCH MONEY if they can purchase H8 and demonize gays; businesses who supported PROP 8 were also vandalized for the same reason.

White powder shows up in tithing envelopes.

People spray-painted HATE or H8 on the sidewalks outside with arrows pointing towards gay-hating church doors.

Death threats and bomb scares disrupted H8 church services every Sunday across the USA.

I am NOT advocating these measures…..but they would not surprise me either.”


These are the words of one deranged and slightly off-kilter commenter who frequents this site and who obviously has some fairly intense emotional build-up over the passage of proposition 8.

Now, imagine this guy knew you, not personally, but imagine he knew you donated money to the p8 political campaign and decided you had deeply and personally offended him?  Imagine he decided to make it personal in return?  Imagine he knew where you lived, had your street address, including how to get there— and imagine all this information was freely provided on the internet for no other purpose than to harass you?

Welcome to where we provide the h8 maps for you to vent your hate!  Welcome every crazy, loony whack-job and thrill seeker!  If you don’t like how the election turned out, take your frustration out on your good neighbors who voted for it!

Sounds pretty American doesn’t it?  Let’s ask Tom Hanks about that…..but while we’re waiting for a real man’s answer, who is going to stand up and stop this kind of harassment from happening?

Who is going to remind the slightly unhinged gay activists that the election is over, and that it’s time to begin promoting healing and unity?

Not the able Governor.  Not our illustrious Senators.  Not the powerful media watch dogs either, they’re all too busy watching…  All these have shamefully remained in stony silence throughout the ugly aftermath of the marriage campaign.

It is time to step forward and put an end to the ugly politics and personal destruction of people who have the right and freedom to vote their conscience, free from harassment and intimidation.

After all, this isn’t the mafia, Venezuela, or communist Russia, this is America.

—Beetle Blogger



  1. I know! I re-posted this on my blog too.

  2. So interesting the lengths people will go to so they can feel vindicated. It would seem, however, that there is no limit to the insanity here. Oh well, so they have my address. So what? I will not be cowed. I refuse to be intimidated into changing my mind. Nope, not gonna happen.

  3. This type of thing only inspires people to be even more supportive of Prop 8. People who attack others because of they way they voted should be locked up.

  4. Great job to the anti-traditional marriage folks. Acting on this information would be a great way to demonstrate your love and respect of all people. I mean, what better way to embrace democracy and tolerance than to attack your neighbors for voting their consciences?

  5. It is troubling to me that gays can find the names and addresses of those that support marriage between a man and a woman. Gays are using these maps to boycott businesses and intimidate voters from voicing their opinion. This is just the latest attack from gays against their critics. I haven’t seen a counterattack to eightmaps with directions to the many people that donated to the “No on Prop 8.” Those that support marriage as between a man and a woman ran a clean campaign and have not stooped to the level of the gay community of intimidation, assaults, vandalism, and now harassment with maps to those that oppose their stance.


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