Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sign the Petition: Oppose Senate Resolution 7 and HR 5 in the Assembly

From United Families International:

Since the passage of Prop 8 California's Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger has gone on record calling for the State Supreme Court to overturn that vote.

Our state senate and assembly have drafted resolutions blatantly fighting against Prop 8.
"On Tuesday, [...] Sen. Mark Leno and Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (both D-San Francisco) launched senate resolution 7 and HR 5 in the Assembly. If approved, the bills would place both houses of the California Legislature on record as opposing the controversial initiative and declaring it an illegal revision to the state constitution." Politicker CA, December 2, 2008
Remind California legislators of their responsibility to voters: sign this petition

Write to your State Senator and Assemblymen---Let them know they are accountable to the people who voted for them.


  1. Thanks for this! It's always nice to be pointed in the right direction and have someone else do all the grunt work for you. :-) Now all I have to do is click and sign ... or ... click to get my legislator's email address or phone number!

  2. You'd think they'd remember who voted them into office before trampling voters like this. I called my reps and gave them an earful. They both said that they were all for moral fabric of society etc. I hope they remember it when they vote because I'm not going to forget this if p8 is overturned because of these hooligans.


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