Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Need a Morning-After Pill? Just Send a Text!

Oxfordshire County in the UK is now making it easier for girls as young as 11 who "think they have taken a risk" to text for a morning-after abortion pill.

"From July, girls at six Oxfordshire secondary schools will be able to text requests for morning-after pill to a school nurse who can supply the pill during breaktime.

"The service will also operate on weekends and holidays, with the nurse arranging to meet the pupil or directing her to another local source."


And it gets even better.

"Parents will not automatically be informed of their daughters’ requests, but child protection staff will be alerted if a girl aged under 13 uses the service."

And then there's the City Councillor's response to parental objections:

“We’d be foolish to think there was something we could do to stop young people having sex.”


Read the full article here.

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely unbelievable. One immediate problem I see is that this policy will have a direct influence on the increase in STDs in young women.



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