Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Parents Who Opt Children out of Homosexual Material Face Penalties

Christian and Muslim Parents Facing Possible Criminal Charges for Opting out of LGBT History Month

By Hilary White,

UK parents could face criminal charges for having removed their children from programs held at George Tomlinson Primary School promoting the homosexual lifestyle. Waltham Forest council has announced it will prosecute parents of about 30 children who did not attend a week's worth of lessons coinciding with "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month."

A spokesman for the council said, "At George Tomlinson, parents were invited to meet with teachers and governors several weeks ago to discuss what work would be taking place throughout the national LGBT History Month, and how this work would be delivered. Regrettably, some parents chose to remove their children from school.

"The council does not condone any unauthorised absence from school and action has been taken."

But parents who objected said they were told by the school there were no other options but to remove their children from classes if they objected to the content of the program.

Pervez Latif, a 41-year-old accountant whose children, Saleh, 10, and Abdurrahin, nine, attend the school, told the Daily Mail, "I wrote a letter to the chairman of the governors explaining that I would be taking my children out of school and he wrote back saying that there was no other option."

He said that parents had not been properly informed about the content of the program. "There was just a newsletter mentioning the week and that certain themes would be taught."

Two homosexual-themed books were read in primary classes: "King and King," about a prince who falls in love with another prince, and "Tango Makes Three," about two male penguins, Roy and Silo, who fall in love and adopt a baby penguin at a New York zoo.

Mr. Latif spoke of the disruption to his family: "My wife is very concerned she might be prosecuted ... I found it difficult to explain topics such as homosexual relationships at such a young age."

"I didn't want my children to be learning about this," he said. "If I am faced with court action, then I will just explain that these are my views.

Although the Waltham Forest council has not yet informed parents how they are to be punished, the council website says that parents of truant children can be asked to sign a contract, fined on the spot or taken to court. Councils have the power to jail parents for truancy.


Read the rest of the article here.

To those who say this would never happen here in the US, it already has.

Read more facts about David Parker's story here.


  1. David Parker, huh? Wow, that's some breaking news. What's next? Catholic Charities?

    Oh well, at least it demonstrates your commitment to recycling.

  2. Chico Blanco -
    Based on your comment, I have to assume that you scrolled down too fast and did not actually read the article so I'll give you a quick snyopsis. It was about parents being threatened and fined for opting their children out of school instead of having them indoctrinated with homosexual propaganda.

    It's another example (like David Parker) that proves a point: when homosexual activists try to convince people that progressing their agenda will have no effect on our children's education, they are lying.

  3. Thanks for the video Kingfisher, I hadn't seen it before. There is no doubt in my mind that if same sex marriage does become legal then anyone who opposes the idea becomes a law breaker, because they are attempting to take away a state fabricated right.

  4. Yes, once the state gives Civil Rights status sexual perversions -- oop! I meant preferences -- then to speak against them makes you an enemy of the state.

  5. Blanco Chino... is Rosa Parks story Recycled? Or remembered because it's an example of someone standing against injustice and getting punished for it?


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