Thursday, December 4, 2008

These Are Only Words, So Don't Read Them

Another great editorial from Fitz over at The Opine Editorials.  This is a witty must-read.

When protesters took to the streets in a nationwide rally against California's true marriage amendment, Proposition 8, students from Saint Louis University (SLU), a Jesuit-run school, joined about 1,400 others gathered on the steps of the St. Louis courthouse.

College Republicans president Amy Kaufman attended the rally, and despite holding a sign reading, "You can't legislate love, Republican against Prop. 8," she told the newspaper that she could not understand why the definition of marriage mattered at all.
"There are bigger problems in the world. This is absurd that people are fighting so hard over the definition of a word,"said Kaufman.

That's right, Ms. Kaufman. Words are such a bore and defining words is even worse. It's [don't insert word here]. And it's really absurd when some words mean more than one thing! Fly. Rock. Land. Play. Fire. MVP. Catholic. The list is endless; without words, it's much less.

You're right: "marriage" is just one more word that is not worth bothering with. (Be sure to mention this to your boyfriend.) And so, in the spirit of making the world a wordless place, I offer you some slogans to use, free of charge:
• "This is a word-free zone. Honor our unspoken wishes. Please ask if you have questions."
• "Words: Just another government conspiracy meant to deprive people of their God-given, undefined rights."
• "Words are for birds. Mostly parrots."
• "Wordless: A stateless of mind."
• "A word less each day keeps the dictionary at bay."
• "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. Because names are words and they don't mean anything."
• "I don't believe in marriage. Mostly because I can't define it."
Oh, and it goes without saying that you should ignore everything I've written here. As the great philosophical trio, the Bee-Gees, once sang: "You think that I don't even mean/A single word I say; it's only words..." Remember, you can't legislate words. Or define "legislate." Or define "define", for that matter. Word up!
From Carl Olson at Ignatius/Press Insight/Scoop Blog
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  1. omgosh that was awesome! hehe very clever!

  2. joined the fight. just started my own blog. thanks for the ideas.


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