Thursday, December 4, 2008

Silence 'Deafening' Over Murder By Homosexual

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by Allie Martin and Jody Brown

[A pro-family activist is questioning why there is no outrage over the murder of a college student by a homosexual.
On November 21, William Smithson, 43, of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, was sentenced to life in prison for the September 2006 strangulation murder of 23-year-old Jason Shephard. Smithson, a homosexual, murdered Shephard after slipping him GHB, a date rape drug, then hid the body in the basement of his home.
"The murders of both Matthew Shepherd and Jason Shephard were tragic, but one murder is being used by homosexual activists to push their agenda of special rights," Diane Gramley, president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, states. "Murder is murder and increased penalties for attacking a specially protected group listed in a hate crimes law is a waste of everyone's time and resources. Such a law creates unequal protection under the law."]

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  1. i looked up the abc report:

    it's interesting here, how right after the murder two of matt's friends were yelling "hate crime! hate crime! he was gay" while ignoring the fact that the two killers were sky high on meth and desperate for me.

  2. oh geeze, i'm sorry for all my spelling errors. the first comment should say..."desperate for MORE" (not me...that would be weird and creepy)

    okay this is my last comment.

  3. thanks for this post i never knew about the drug factor in the shepard murder. interesting.


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