Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shame On You, You Heterosexist!

An excellent and eye-opening submission from California Crusader

One of the major developers of curriculum for schools about gay issues is the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network GLSEN. One of their programs for schools is called Safe Space. On the surface, this program sounds great. According to the Program Introduction, the goal of the program is to shape a school culture that is accepting of all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion or other differences. Now, who wouldn’t want that? But, the problem is that while affirming the rights of gays and lesbians, it preaches against those who may feel differently about homosexuality due to personal or religious beliefs. A classic example is the activity on page 30 of the program called Terminology Match Up. One of the terms students and teachers are asked to define is heterosexism. GLSEN defines heterosexism as a bias against homosexuality rooted in the belief that heterosexuality is superior or the norm..

Do you see the hypocrisy? For gay activists like those who wrote this curriculum, it’s not enough to be tolerant of all people’s gender or sexual identity. They are only satisfied if we wholeheartedly endorse theirs. So, how do you think a little Catholic girl would feel in such an activity? I can hear her now, Teacher, but my church taught me that homosexuality is wrong. Sorry, responds the teacher, your church is teaching you to be a heterosexist, and that’s bad!

Please don’t misunderstand me. I have NO tolerance for hateful speech or actions against the gay community. But, where is the reciprocation for the religious community? I’m still waiting.

For a more detailed definition of heterosexism, including how gays are using it to fight traditional marriage, click here


  1. If tolerance is the gay agenda's dogma, then why don't they tolerate a heterosexuals intolerance of homosexuality?

    Not all things should be tolerated, some things should be judged as evil. Do we tolerate pedophiles abusing children?

  2. I cannot believe that you are equating the torture and sexual abuse of innocent children to two consenting adults in a loving relationship. Do you really judge paedophilia to be loving? Or consensual?

    And do you really think that you, or anyone, has the right to declare that a relationship is evil?

    I am not gay. I am not lesbian. I saying this simply because I am a human being, and accordingly cannot understand how you can be so cruel and misguided.

  3. By the way, that was directed at Secualr Heretic

  4. So, how do you think a little Catholic girl would feel in such an activity? I can hear her now, "Teacher, but my church taught me that homosexuality is wrong."

    Wouldn't it be great for that little Catholic girl for her teacher to be affirming her right to be a lesbian even though her Church tells her that her sexual orientation is "wrong" and that any relationship she can have is evil?

  5. We who believe homosexuality to be a sinful lifestyle are not declaring that it is evil, we are simply reaffirming what God has declared. If you do not believe in God, that is your right, but it is not your right to say that the rest of us are wrong. And it is not your right to say that what you believe to be untrue trumps the rest of our concerted (and democratic) effort to protect marriage and family.

  6. No, Jesurgislac, it wouldn't. It is not the role of our public school teachers to be teaching contrary to moral beliefs. No one should replace parents in the moral upbringing of their children. The point is that this conversation shouldn't even be happening in school. Which is one of the reasons that many people voted yes on Proposition 8.

  7. "GLSEN defines heterosexism as a bias against homosexuality rooted in the belief that heterosexuality is superior or the norm.

    So according to the definition of heterosexism, the definition of homosexism should read: a bias against heterosexuality rooted in the belief that homosexuality is superior or the norm.

    Imagine if that was published. The author would be accused of hate crimes and called a bigot, there would be a cry to boycott the book... oh wait, that's already happened.

  8. Anonymous..

    I do not say that relationships are evil.
    We should not tolerate evil actions such as sexual abuse of children or homosexual acts.

    I think that homosexual desires are not in themselves evil. People are subject to a wide variety of desires over which they have little direct control, but these do not become evil until a person acts upon them. People tempted by homosexual desires, like people tempted by improper heterosexual desires, are not doing wrong until they act upon those desires in some manner.

  9. Secular Heretic...

    Wait, so acting upon a desire to make love to a consenting, adult person of the same sex as you is as "evil" as acting upon the desire to sexually abuse a child?

    You must take paedophilia fairly lightly.

  10. Anonymous, for me, it's actually the opposite. I take homosexual actions to be immoral, and no amount of "love" added into the mix changes the fact that it's not healthy, not moral and not good for society. Actually, very similar to pedophilia if you look at it that way.

  11. I completely agree with Liberty Belle. Well said. It seems like people try to pass off a lot of things under the umbrella of "love," and it just doesn't work that way. Just because homosexuals try to classify their relationships as loving, doesn't make the homosexual acts any more right.

  12. Lots of people do terrible things and call it "love." Sexual love or romantic love is not the state's interest in marriage.


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