Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pope's Christmas Message| Protect the Human Being against Self-Destruction

pope christmas

Secular Heretic put together a good article-summary of the Pope's message and the backlash:
Pope's Christmas Greeting Says We Must "Protect the Human Being against Self-Destruction" of Sexual Aberration
     During his exchange of Christmas greetings with the Roman Curia on the 22nd of December Pope Benedict XVI suggested that the gender ideology which seeks to redefine the sexes to allow for homosexuality, transgenderism and such things are examples of mankind separating himself "from creation and the Creator."

     The pope noted that the Church "cannot and should not limit herself to transmitting just the message of salvation to her faithful." It must also he said "protect the human being against self-destruction" - a destruction which comes from a warped understanding of marriage and human sexuality. "It is necessary to have something like an ecology of the human being, understood in the proper manner," said the Pope. "It is not a surpassed metaphysics when Church speaks of the nature of the human being as man and woman, and demands that this order of creation be respected."

     Quoting great theologians of the past, the Pope called marriage "between one man and one woman for life" the "sacrament of creation" and urged his listeners to reread the Encyclical Humanae Vitae. It was the intention of its author Pope Paul VI, he said, to defend against treating sexual love as a commodity.
(Original article Lifesitenews)


The Pope Had the Guts to Say We Need to Save Ourselves from Self-Destructive Sexual Lifestyles

     Pope Benedict XVI is being ridiculed for daring to say that the harm caused by going against the Creator's plan for human sexuality is destructive and hurtful. In truth, he is being pilloried for having enough love to tell his brothers and sisters struggling with same-sex attraction, promiscuity, pornography, adultery and more, that their behavior is hurting them and society at large. It is hurting them physically, psychologically, but most importantly - hurting them spiritually.

     A San Fransisco Chronicle headline reads, "Pope Benedict at Christmas: Preaching bigotry disguised as compassion", and the Times of London opines: "Christmas was never meant to be about this". There are also examples of explicit hate mongering by gay activists against the Pope on YouTube.

     Interesting to note is the fact that nowhere in the Pope's remark did he even use the word 'homosexual' or 'homosexuality', rather he referred to 'gender' and to the Creator's plan for human sexuality as being in life-long marriage between one man and one woman. (Original article lifesitenews)


  1. you go boy!! Thats awesome that he spoke out about it! People will listen to him.

  2. i love the pope. does any one know where i can find a translation of the whole speech?

  3. No one likes to be told that what they're doing is wrong; but does that mean that we should change the definition of wrong to accomodate hurt feelings? No. Good for the Pope for standing up in the face of outrage, hatred, and name-calling. Preaching truth and righteousness has never been popular with those living outside its parameters: ancient prophets were stoned and even Jesus himself was crucified for preaching truths that some Jewish leaders did not want to hear let alone accept.

  4. I haven't often paid attention to what the Pope says, but this is good stuff. I'm glad to hear so many voices standing together for our common values.

  5. Liberty, you should keep tabs on this guy. He's pretty good with his values. :-)


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