Sunday, December 14, 2008

Officer Fired for Expressing Christian Views on Homosexuality

by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman at LifeSiteNews.

NORFOLK, BRITAIN, December 11, 2008 ( - A Norfolk County police officer who was fired for quoting the Bible regarding the immorality of homosexual sexual relations says that he is "totally devastated" by what has happened to him.

"It was a job I loved. This is destroying me and my family," Officer Graham Cogman told the Daily Mail last week.

Cogman was reportedly dismissed from his position in late November after he sent an email quoting Biblical passages denouncing homosexual behavior, and another e-mail linking to a ministry in the USA that seeks to cure homosexuals of their condition.

Cogman says he sent the emails after being "bombarded" with emails sent by police department employees promoting the "gay" agenda, including messages urging him to wear a pink ribbon in honor of "gay history month." He reportedly responded to one email from a homosexual liaison officer with the Christian saying, "Love the sinner, hate the deed."

There are no reports of firings or discipline against the employees of the police department who promote homosexual behavior.

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  1. Cogman repeatedly sent offensive e-mails to colleagues, and continued to do so after he had been asked to stop by his superior officers. He was sacked for disobeying a lawful order, not for his Christianity. (Evening News 24

  2. One man's offensive is another man's agenda. Only one was punished, seems like a lack of follow through on the part of the administration. Either you're going to allow the emails or not. Can't have it both ways and still be fair.

  3. Liberty, as I understand it from the news stories: one officer sent word of a community event through the e-mail system - wearing a pink ribbon to oppose homophobia, I think. It is often allowed for office e-mails to be used to publicise local community events.

    This Cogman took offense and responded with e-mails claiming his God hates gay men (religious messages, especially those attacking the private lives of fellow workers, are often not allowed): and with pseudo-scientific assertions that his gay colleagues could be "cured".

    Mentioning that a local community event is taking place hardly equates to sending messages attacking fellow officers' private lives.

    But, the chief point is: Cogman was given a lawful order to cease using the messaging system, because his superiors had decided that his use of the messaging system to send religious messages/personal attacks on his fellow officers, was outside what was allowed.

    Cogman opted to disobey that lawful order. That he is now whining about how upset he is that he was sacked for disobeying a lawful order, speaks volumes about how little personal courage these homophobic Christians have about standing up for what they claim matters to them.

  4. Jesurgislac,

    " I understand it from the news stories...."

    Your understanding of issues/events has proven to be driven by an intent to misunderstand issues/events in order to cast a negative light on supporters of traditional marriage and family.

    Please provide a link to the news story as you have reported it here. It would be much appreciated.

    "...these homophobic Christians...."

    More rhetoric.

  5. Jesurgislac -- You might want to read this excellent post before you blast off calling anybody a "homophobe."


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